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Digital label printing machine,Screen printing exposure machine,Round screen printing machine,6 color manual t-shirt screen printing machine,High precision four color screen printing machine,6 color manual screen printing press,High quality flash dryer screen printing,Small screen printing machine,Screen printing exposure unit,Screen printing drying racks
  • Screen Printing Drying Racks
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    Screen Printing Drying Racks

    Frequent Problems l,The fan and machine will be burned down when the heating area is too hot. 2,OnlY when the temperature is adjusted to 100°C are there some heat air ascends. 3,Constant temperature is not stable and heating time is too long.Thirty minutes cannot dry up five-layer screen. 4,Heat...Read More
  • Screen Printing Exposure Unit
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    Screen Printing Exposure Unit

    Characteristics:The machine is cold light printing frame,which uses long-term lighting tube,is persistent and durable.It can be customized according to customers’demand.The product is easy to operate.The exposure time can be set.It has clear plate buring and low cost. Surface size:750×1200(mm)...Read More
  • Small Screen Printing Machine
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    Small Screen Printing Machine

    Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A fill blade or squeegee...Read More
  • High Quality Flash Dryer Screen Printing
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    High Quality Flash Dryer Screen Printing

    220V/15AMP/4800w Surface size:09×0.5×1.08m Weight:about 40kg It is applied with double-wheel printing machine,is convenient,efficient and energy-saving. Infrared ray baking area can reach 500×600mm. The height can be adjusted to control the baking range 82×110cm. The cooling fan can guarantee...Read More
  • High Precision Four Color Screen Printing Machine
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    High Precision Four Color Screen Printing Machine

    DISCRIPTION With its revolutionary duo-deck design and cabinet like structure, SPM is sure to be the most outstanding press over the manual production systems. U-slot guide locator allows for easy and fast registration during the print work. Two-springs hinged screen holder system facilitates...Read More
  • 6 Color Manual T-shirt Screen Printing Machine
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    6 Color Manual T-shirt Screen Printing Machine

    The machine is suitable for knitting fabric top printing and it avoids the shortage of large area,many workers and complicate top position.The machine is widely used in easy-shrink articles as T-shirt,leather,backpack,cloth,towel and others. Panel area:400×600(mm)(or customized according to...Read More
  • Round Screen Printing Machine
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    Round Screen Printing Machine

    Product Name:SPC series flat/convexity screen printer Main Technical Parameters Brief Introduction: Pedal controlling system, easy operation and less maintenance. Performs well on cylinder , flat and cube shaped surface printing job.Read More
  • Screen Printing Exposure Machine
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    Screen Printing Exposure Machine

    Exposal machine is one of the corollary equipments of Screen printing production line.With its plate copying, picture can be transfered from film to screen perfectly. The machine with high speed vacuum air absorption to ensure the picture seems lifelike, additionally the equal light wave ensures...Read More
  • Digital Label Printing Machine
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    Digital Label Printing Machine

    Main features: SGS-type high-speed rotary trademark printing press on the cloth belt, cotton belt, ribbon, elastic bands, roll paper for stable high-speed printing. A large area printing ink evenly fine print clear and complete, precise overprint and bright ink. B-type rotary in one meter per...Read More
  • 6 Color Manual Screen Printing Press
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    6 Color Manual Screen Printing Press

    This screen printing machine is for textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC and so on. Whole machine adopts desktop combination design to save room. it is particularly suitable for t-shirt shop, small business and individual printing shop...Read More
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