Manual Hot Stamping Machine With Platesetter

Manual Hot Stamping Machine With Platesetter
manual hot stamping machine Gilt plate one machine, with a sleek, easy to adjust, easy to use, stable performance. Aircraft delivery, the delivery structure of the gear reducer motor drive, feed length can be controlled indentation with excellent results, automatic high performance,...
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manual hot stamping machine

Gilt plate one machine, with a sleek, easy to adjust, easy to use, stable performance. Aircraft delivery, the delivery structure of the gear reducer motor drive, feed length can be controlled indentation with excellent results, automatic high performance, automatically thermostat, automatic trip, hot stamping, creasing. Without outside processing plate making their own touch-screen plate. For a wide range of stamping patterns on a class paper, leather, plastic, hard plastic, PVC material, wood, bamboo, photographs, fabrics and decorations, patterns, text, and combinations of trademarks, printing, packaging, decoration, an essential tool of shoe leather and other industries.

The bronzing resin Edition manual,hot foil stamping machine

1, a piece of paper with a laser printer to print out text or graphics you want to stamping (text or transparent pattern, the edge of the black), and then in front of the text or pattern evenly coated with the growth of black economy. (Note the picture to print as black as the effect will be better)

2,Gilt resin version, remove the no exposure, the protective film opened, the front and gilt edition of the sulfuric acid paper stick together, when posted should be the middle of the air squeezed clean (Note: positive sulfate paper attached together with the version , sulfuric acid paper for the work place, the glass should be clean). The glass facing the lamp Shai Banji exposure of 5-17 minutes.

3,Remove the bronzing version after the end of the proofing, sulfuric acid paper tear, then placed in hot water (probably water temperature of 50 degrees Celsius) with a moderate hardness of the brush repeatedly wash version, the attention to the wash version of the time should be short as possible, and to Note that wash the direction and intensity.

4, the surface of the hair dryer, thermostat of the machine and then transferred to 70-90 ° C, the system good bronzing version on the heating plate below the pressure heating version, baked version of 30 minutes it sclerosis (Note: under heating plate covered with a soft cloth, gilt version text face with a soft cloth).

Hot stamping machine manual,hot foil stamping machine

1, bronzing machine plugged in, turn on the switch, and then transferred to the thermostat to 130 degrees

2, will be a good production level version of gilt resin coated with 704 plastic, according to the location of their own needs gilt stick heating panel, pressing the heating plate a moment, make cement board in the heat.

3, bottles and foil paper can stamping.

The main parameters,manual hot stamping machine

Heating plate size: 280MM × 180MM

Temperature Adjustment: 0 ° -300 °

Power: 1500W

Bronzing pressure: 2T

Gross Weight: 75kg

Manual operating hot foil stamping machine are suitable for small area stamping of various materials and have the advantages of dual pressing mechanism ,as pens ,plastic toys , name card ,ID card etc. and quick heating making the stamped patters clear with third dimension.

Characteristics:hot stamping machine

1. Manual stamping, auto foil feeding, without compressed air, leads to easy operation.

2. Stamping temperature adjustable range from temperature 60Cto 300C.

3. The height of the stamping head adjustable accordingly.

In theory, manual,pneumatic and hydraulic hot stamping machine have the same Principle,that is to say the object will be hot stamped by the same way of heat tranfer by the machine. One difference is there have 2 types: manual and automatic;Another is the different size of the stamping pattern.Manual was fit for the object with low requirement effect and small stamping area.To the contrary, the first-class effection and large stamping area will be done by both pneumatic and hydraulic.What is more,they are fit for stamping the object with high quality.In a word, hot stamping machine can transfer the color from stamping foil to the object by heat press in a high temperature.

USING: The series of model TYMB gilding,cutting & mark pressurized machine is product of new generation with clockwork precision and marked effect.It is used for gilding-printing all kinds of colored electro-chemical aluminum,making a concave-convex diecutting pictures,trade mark,advertisement of sample,boxes,cover of books and new year cards,highly decorations and printing materials.It is the optimum equipment for printing,packing,decoration and plastic industries with materials including paper,cardboard,plastic,leather matters.

FEATURES: High strength due to one piece casting by using top quality materials for machine body. Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive reliable. Operational altitude is reasonably arranged,Moving-bed opens to its optimum. Electrical system is designed in conformity with IEC standard. Single,continuous operation and opening dwell.Dwell range is adjustable. Safety system is really reliable.

Hot stamping foil:

Foil stamping uses heat and hot stamping foil in a specialty printing process that produces a shiny design on paper, vinyl, textiles, wood, hard plastic, leather, and other materials.

Foil stamping, also called hot stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, or leaf stamping, can be combined with dimensional embossing to make letters and images on business cards, book covers, gift cards, office folders, and a whole host of professional or personal items.

Instead of using magnetism, plates, or inks to print words and shapes, foil stamping uses dies, or sculpted metal stamps. The heated dies seal a thin later of metallic leaf onto a surface. The foil comes in a wide roll, large enough for several passes, backed by Mylar. The hot die works similarly to a letterpress. Once heated, it presses the foil against the substrate material with enough pressure that the foil sticks only in the intended places, leaving a slight imprint.

Using several layers of foil in different colors or combining ink and foil can embellish this simple "flat" stamp. Imprinting and embossing adds even more dimensionality. The edges of the foil stamp may be straight, curved, or sculpted to make the image pop or float above the page.

Foil leaf is available in every imaginable color and pattern, like standard gold or marbleized green. Rarer types of leaf come in matte, pearlescent, holographic, opalescent, or glossy finish. Semi-transparent layers allow an under color to show through. Not only does it provide a uniquely vibrant image with depth, foil stamping can be applied to a much more diverse selection of substrates in comparison to ink.

The cover of a leather photograph album could be printed with your family's monogram, or a cloth bookmark with a favorite literary quote. Impressive wedding invitations might have intertwining silver vines, blue flowers, and gold rings. Businesses use foil stamping to identify folders, cards, signs, and magnets with their logo. The reflective and unusual treatment is sure to catch the eye of a potential customer.

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