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  • Seiko 1020-50pl Printhead
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    Seiko 1020-50pl Printhead

    TW-3306FD / TW-3308FD / TW-3306FZ / TW-3308FZ / TW3306HB / TW-3308HB / TW-3306FB / TW-3308FB The Seiko SPT1020 printhead offers high-resolution and high-speed with 1020 nozzles and 35pl. It features a fast firing frequency and high precision combined with a long useable life. This original...Read More
  • Seiko 510-50pl Printhead
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    Seiko 510-50pl Printhead

    Place of Origin:Japan Brand Name:SPT Model Number:SPT 510-50pl Type:Print Head Use:For Infiniti, Challenger, Phaeton, Gongzheng printer Printing Type:Inkjet Printer Printhead Full Name:SPT 510-50pl Firing frequency::6.46 or 8.29 Khz No. of nozzle::spt 510 35pl Printhead Width::71.8mm Max...Read More
  • Seiko 510-35pl Printhead
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    Seiko 510-35pl Printhead

    Place of orginal: Japan Brand Name:spt Model Number:spt510 Type:Print Head Use:Infiniti Challenger Phaeton Icontek Printing Type:Inkjet Printer Use: solvent printer:Printing Type: Inkjet Printer Printing Type: Digital Printing:resolution: 720 type of ink:SK4 ink:resolution:35pl drop of...Read More
  • Seiko 508GS-12pl Printhead
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    Seiko 508GS-12pl Printhead

    Place of Origin: Japan Brand Name: WINJET Type: Print Head Use: For ink jet printer Printing Type: Inkjet Printer Feature: Original and Brand New MOQ: 1piece Model: Spt 508GS Usage: all available Condition: hot selling product Printer: inkjet printer Drop Size: 12PL Payment: Paypal etc Shipping...Read More
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