Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

Ricoh Gen5 Printhead
Original new GEN5 printhead CN-5 ricoh head Place of Origin: Japan Brand Name: Ricoh GEN5 printhead Model Number: GEN5 printhead Type: Print Head Use: Flora/Witcolor/Hantop/Docan/Human Printing Type: Inkjet Printer Shiping way: DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,EMS Product name: RICOH GEN5 head Usage: Injek...
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Original new GEN5 printhead CN-5 ricoh head


Place of Origin:Japan

Brand Name:Ricoh GEN5 printhead

Model Number:GEN5 printhead

Type:Print Head


Printing Type:Inkjet Printer

Shiping way:DHL,FEDEX

Product name:RICOH GEN5 head

Usage:Injek Printer

Payment:Union TT Paypal


Model:gen5/7pl uv head




1. Suit for any brand that use R icoh GEN5 print head
2. High speed, high resolution is 1440DPI
3. The voltage of the printhead, temperature is automatically adjustable, prevents blockage caused by the change of temperature
4. Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather the pass edge
5. Delicately designed alloy-aluminum platform


The use of nozzle and maintenance
1. Nozzle outlets do not use hand to touch, to prevent oxidation
2. When do the installation, nozzle outlets must alignment, not hard plug, such as pinhole bad, nozzle can't work normally
3. Nozzle outlets can't into the ink, cleaning fluid, etc., the contaminated socket can use alcohol to clean
4. Nozzle must keep good thermal environment when using, otherwise will create nozzle electricity damage
5. Electrostatic damage to the nozzle part circuit is very serious, in the operation of the sprinkler or contact nozzle plate, the operator must clear static factors, such as use electrostatic discharge gloves, etc
6. Printing process such as sprinkler head bolt, must stop printing for head pumping, if the nozzle clogging, use cleaning fluid to clean nozzle, and then WinJET pump out ink  
 note: nozzle clogging will cause color difference after cleaning
7. Use print program provides suction pressure ink and cleaning functions, to ensure to print all the colors of the nozzle will ink suction pressure regularly
8. After printing, use the WinJET protective film on the nozzle surface
9. Using solvent ink devices will have the clog problem, one of the reasons why the head clogging is after printing ink solvent evaporation, ink particles condensation in the nozzle, then made nozzle clogging. Second reason is there is impurity in ink, or react with some kind of solution to generate a extra object , then make the nozzle clogging.Prevent way is to use devices such as filters, could not enter the impurities into the cartridges


To prevent the nozzle blocking method
For some kind of color ink for a long time do not spray, or nozzle temperature getting higher, the static state of the ink become dry on the inner wall of the nozzle, agglomerate, and if not cleaning in time, the dry degree is very serious, the nozzle may not be able to be cleaned smoothly, so the nozzle should clean often.
To prevent the nozzle blocking method is as follows:
1. Nozzle voltage is unfavorable and exorbitant, prevent nozzle heating caused by the inside wall drying
2. Ink viscosity should not be too high
3. Long time not to use some of those colors, these nozzles should be cleaned timely
4. Do protection to the nozzle when not printing 


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