Print Head for Printer

Print Head for Printer

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  • Xaar Proton Printhead
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    Xaar Proton Printhead

    Place of Origin:UK Brand Name:WinJET Model Number:Xaar Proton 382 Type:Print Head Use:xaar printers Printing Type:Inkjet Printer, Inkjet Printer Product type:printhead Usage:Xaar Proton 382 active nozzles:382 print swathe width:53.7mm nozzle density:180Dpi drop velocity:5 m/s weight:150g ink...Read More
  • Xaar 128-80pl Printhead
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    Xaar 128-80pl Printhead

    Place of Origin:Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom Brand Name:XAAR Model Number:Xaar 128 200 Jet Print Head 128/360 128/80 Xaar 128 Printhead, Xaar 128 200 Jet Print Head 128/360 128/80 Xaar 128 Printhead Type:Print Head, print head Use:For Man Roland Printer Printing Type:Inkjet...Read More
  • Xaar 126-80pl Printhead
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    Xaar 126-80pl Printhead

    Original And Brand New Print Heads 80/50/35pl Xaar 126/Printhead/Inkjet Head Place of Origin:United Kingdom Brand Name:Xaar printhead Model Number:Xaar 126 Type:Print Head Use:Xaar printhad printer Printing Type:Inkjet Printer condition:all new print head Xaar 126 print headRead More
  • Xaar 126-35pl Printhead
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    Xaar 126-35pl Printhead

    Place of Origin:UK Brand Name:Xaar Model Number:XAAR 126/35 Type:Print Head Use:Xaar printing machine Type:Inkjet Printer, Inkjet Printer Usage:Injek Printer Condition:100% Mitsubishi Original Shipping Method:DHL FedEX Package:Strong Paper Box Product name:Xaar 126/35 heads Xaar 126 128 368...Read More
  • Ricoh GH2220 Printhead
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    Ricoh GH2220 Printhead

    Place of Origin:Japan Brand Name:WinJET Number:GH2220 Type:Print Head Use:Roich printer Printing Type:UV flated printer Conditional:New & original Resolution:1440dpi Defective rate:Less than 0.3% Test:Comprehensive and professional inspection Shell:Stable and sturdy plastic shell MOQ:1...Read More
  • Ricoh Gen5 Printhead
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    Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

    Original new GEN5 printhead CN-5 ricoh head Place of Origin: Japan Brand Name: Ricoh GEN5 printhead Model Number: GEN5 printhead Type: Print Head Use: Flora/Witcolor/Hantop/Docan/Human Printing Type: Inkjet Printer Shiping way: DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,EMS Product name: RICOH GEN5 head Usage: Injek...Read More
  • Ricoh Gen4 Printhead
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    Ricoh Gen4 Printhead

    Place of Origin:Japan Brand Name:RIOCH Model Number:GEN4 Type:Print Head Use: UV printer Printing Type:Inkjet Printer Product name:Ricoh Gen4 printhead Color:C M Y K one head double color Quality Guarantee:original Japan brand new Temperature Control:Integrated Heater and Thermistor Suitable...Read More
  • Polaris PQ512-35pl Printhead
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    Polaris PQ512-35pl Printhead

    Place of Origin: Florida, United States Brand Name: Spectra Model Number: 512 Type: Print Head, Print head Use: For Flora Printer Printing Type: Inkjet Printer, Inkjet printer Model: spectra polaris 512 head Ink type: Solvent ink Packing: 10pcs in one box Made in: USA Payment: Paypal/Western...Read More
  • Polaris PQ 512-15pl Printhead
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    Polaris PQ 512-15pl Printhead

    spectra polaris 512 15pl head Ink droplet: 512-15pl Ink type: Solvent ink resolution: 720 dpi Original and New version Original Spectra Polaris PQ 512 15pl AAA Printhead|spectra polaris 15pl print head We supply original Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15PL Print Head Spectra Polaris PQ-512 15/35PL The...Read More
  • Seiko 1020-50pl Printhead
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    Seiko 1020-50pl Printhead

    TW-3306FD / TW-3308FD / TW-3306FZ / TW-3308FZ / TW3306HB / TW-3308HB / TW-3306FB / TW-3308FB The Seiko SPT1020 printhead offers high-resolution and high-speed with 1020 nozzles and 35pl. It features a fast firing frequency and high precision combined with a long useable life. This original...Read More
  • Seiko 510-50pl Printhead
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    Seiko 510-50pl Printhead

    Place of Origin:Japan Brand Name:SPT Model Number:SPT 510-50pl Type:Print Head Use:For Infiniti, Challenger, Phaeton, Gongzheng printer Printing Type:Inkjet Printer Printhead Full Name:SPT 510-50pl Firing frequency::6.46 or 8.29 Khz No. of nozzle::spt 510 35pl Printhead Width::71.8mm Max...Read More
  • Seiko 510-35pl Printhead
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    Seiko 510-35pl Printhead

    Place of orginal: Japan Brand Name:spt Model Number:spt510 Type:Print Head Use:Infiniti Challenger Phaeton Icontek Printing Type:Inkjet Printer Use: solvent printer:Printing Type: Inkjet Printer Printing Type: Digital Printing:resolution: 720 type of ink:SK4 ink:resolution:35pl drop of...Read More
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