The Main Category Of Photo Machine

Thermal Foaming Machine

The current mainstream is divided into four-color and six-color photo printers with different precisions. The disadvantage of the four-color photo machine is that (such as NOVAJET) the nozzle has a short life, only about 200-300 squares, and the accuracy is low, only 600 DPI; the advantage is production. Low cost, high machine penetration rate. The six-color photo machine compensates for the low accuracy of the four-color photo machine, and the accuracy of the six-color photo machine is 1200 DPI. The speed is up to 21m2 per hour.

Piezoelectric photo machine

The advantage is high precision, reaching over 1440dpi, long life of the nozzle, more than a year; domestic piezoelectric photo machine can reach a maximum speed of 21m2 / h, a wide range of 1.6 meters and 1.8 meters of the two, the general use is Epson 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation, 5th generation nozzle, 7th generation nozzle, and 8th generation nozzle. The average lifetime of the 4th generation head can reach 1.5-2 million square feet, or higher. The 5th generation nozzles were synthesized on the basis of 4 generations of heads. One head included 4/8 colors equal to 4 heads, which greatly improved the printing speed, accuracy, and service life. Under the technical innovation of domestic equipment manufacturers, piezoelectric photo printers have been made domestically, which solves the disadvantages of gray color and high purchase cost of the machine, and can make various kinds of inks, such as users and outdoor, widely used in many industries. At present, the machine has a high penetration rate and the lowest overall cost. Will fully replace the thermal foaming machine.