The History Of The Printer

The printer was invented by John Water and Dave Donald. A device that prints on a piece of paper in a prescribed format the numbers, letters, symbols, and figures that the computer's operation results or intermediate results can recognize. The printer is developing toward light, thin, short, small, low power consumption, high speed and intelligent direction.

With the rapid development of the Internet, it was predicted that the paperless era is coming and the last day of the printer has arrived. However, global paper consumption is increasing at a rate that doubles each year, and printer sales are increasing at an average rate of close to 8%. All this indicates that the printer will not only disappear, but will develop faster and faster, and the application field will become wider and wider. From the emergence of the world's first printer in 1885 to various needle printers, ink jet printers and laser printers, they took the lead in different eras. Today we have sought the footsteps of history from technology and branding. In the three aspects of product, application market, and target consumer, the glorious history of inkjet printers was reviewed, and a brief analysis of the future development trend of jet printers was conducted.