The Difference Between Photo Machine And Inkjet Printer

Photo machines and inkjet printers are large inkjet printers. Inkjet printers can be divided into two types: solid ink jet and liquid ink jet according to the working principle. Today's mainstream ink jet printers are liquid ink jet printers. The liquid ink jet method can be classified into a bubble type and a liquid piezoelectric type. Bubble technology uses heated nozzles to create bubbles in the ink and spray it onto the print media. The ink is prone to chemical changes at high temperatures, and the properties are unstable. Therefore, the authenticity of colors played will be affected to a certain extent. On the other hand, since the ink is ejected through bubbles, the directionality and volume of the ink particles are not well understood. The edges of the printed lines are jagged and uneven, affecting the print quality to some extent. In the piezoelectric ink jet technology, the ink is ejected by a nozzle similar to the heat-sensitive ink-jet technology, but the ink droplets are formed by reducing the area where the ink is ejected. The reduction of the discharge area is controlled by applying a voltage to one or more piezoelectric plates in the discharge area. Since the micro piezoelectric print head technology utilizes the discharge characteristics of the crystal during pressurization, the ink is ejected stably at a normal temperature. It has a strong ability to control the ink droplets, easy to achieve high-precision print quality of 1440dpi, and no need to heat the micro-piezo inkjet, the ink will not change due to chemical changes in the heat, it greatly reduced the requirements of the ink. Photo machines and inkjet printers are used for advertising printing, but there are differences in some places.