Printer Maintenance Tips

one. After installation of the equipment, and maintenance of the nozzle at the initial stage of equipment startup

1. In order to make the print head enter the best working condition, before the equipment officially starts to undertake the production business, please be sure to use 1 to 2 days to print some screens as much as possible. The screen is best used in all 4 colors of CMYK, and on the screen Both sides should be added C, M, Y, K 4 color bar to ensure that the 4 nozzles are always in the inkjet state.

2. When printing, it is best to remove the moisturizing sponge in the right-most cleaning station together with its holder.

two. How to maintain and maintain the nozzle after work is done every day

After all print jobs are completed on a daily basis, in order to keep the print heads in optimum working condition and to avoid clogging of the nozzles due to the volatilization of the solvent ink, use the following method to maintain the machine after overnight maintenance.

1. Turn off the device.

2. First use a special cleaning solution to clean the moisturizing sponge, then pour the solution onto the sponge to moisten it.

3. Move the head back to the right-most cleaning station and allow the nozzle to bind tightly with the moisturizing sponge.

4. Stay in this state and let the device stay overnight.