Printer Application Industry

1, the glass industry

The digital inkjet printer can directly print various patterns on the glass surface instead of manual painting, realizing the instant printing process without printing plate, high-efficiency, low-cost and rich colors. The convenience of the operation saves the glass industry customers a lot of time and uses the device. Has brought considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.

2, decoration industry

UV digital inkjet printer can directly print the required patterns on the surface of various decorative materials such as ceilings, fireproof panels, aluminum-plastic panels, density boards, stone materials, ceramics, glass, etc. to meet the needs of personalized decoration, and bring considerable economic benefits to architectural decoration companies. benefit.

3, sign industry

Digital inkjet printers can directly print patterns on the surface of various rigid signage materials, replacing traditional signage processes such as screen printing, corrosion, and filming, which reduces the number of processes, reduces costs, and increases the firmness. Wall advertising companies are The ideal equipment for manufacturers such as electric signs, traffic signs, safety signs, and reflection signs.

4, murals, decorative painting industry

Digital inkjet printer can directly print patterns on the surface of ceramics and wood products, replacing manual painting, screen printing and other processes. After the products are processed at a later stage, the wear-resistant, water-resistant, temperature-resistant and radiation-resistant indexes meet the requirements and meet the requirements of personalized decoration. The realization of an efficient, low-cost instant processing process, the emergence of digital inkjet printers, to bring more vitality and artistic expression to the murals, decorative painting industry.