Pictorial Machine Failure Phenomenon

During normal use, each ink line is air. The ink supply system uses the siphon principle, and even a small amount of air is always present on the print cartridge. This is to cause ink self-flow phenomenon. If you see some small air in the ink line, don't worry, this is normal. The air layer on the ink cartridge expands and contracts with the change of the indoor air temperature. When the printer is not in use, for example, an air segment of no more than 15 cm appears on the ink line at the interface of the print cartridge. This is caused by air expansion. of. However, if the entire section of air is present, it may be due to an air leak in the cartridge or a leak in the elbow connector or a broken elbow. If there is an entire section of air in an ink line, check the sealing of the ink filling elbow and the print cartridge connector. The elbow can be removed for inspection and reinstalled. If the entire section of air appears in each ink line, check the print cartridge outlet for air leaks or replace the new print cartridge.