Photo Machine Nozzle Clogging Reasons

1, the ink in the photo machine nozzle accumulated to a certain extent after the outside of the orifice blocked: is the most common method of blocking, because the solvent in the ink must be evaporated to the air in order to make the screen dry, so the ink is a volatile liquid It is volatile in the air and clears out solid objects. When the nozzle sprays paint on the fabric, it will always leave a part of the ink around. This part of the ink will dry out in the air and will gradually make the nozzle smaller or even block the nozzle. However, because it is outside the nozzle, it is very easy. Clean up, this is why we often clean the nozzle.

2. Piezoelectric crystal damage: It is certain that the nozzle can not spray ink, and the general piezoelectric nozzle can be used for about one year. It may be normal for a factory with a lot of printing work to use less than one year.

3, piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: the phenomenon is that the inkjet printer sometimes inkjet, sometimes no ink can be sprayed, especially when the amount of ink is large (that is, when spraying dark images) "blockage" phenomenon is obvious, the best method at this time It is to replace a new nozzle.

4. The nozzle is blocked by the filter inside the nozzle. The ink is not ejected. The nozzle is used for a long time, especially in the factory where the painting task is not full and often stops at night. The ink does not flow in the nozzle for a long time and is easily adsorbed in the internal filter. On the wall of the net or ink channel, making the cross-sectional area of the ink flow smaller will also cause the ink head of the nozzle.