Photo Machine Maintenance Methods

Photo machine to clean nozzle nozzle, need distilled water, lint-free scrub cloth and a plate.

1. Soak the cloth with distilled water.

2, with a damp cloth gently suction (do not wipe) nozzle at the bottom of the nozzle 3 to 5 times. Repeat this process for all sprinklers to be cleaned. Each nozzle should use a clean area of the cloth to avoid mixing the color of the nozzle. Test the sprayer to see if the sprayer is blocked.

Stand the sprinkler upright in warm water. Wait 30 seconds, dry the nozzle and test again.

Each nozzle should be cleaned with clean water. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaner can also be used to clean the nozzle.

To clean the chips, you need alcohol and cotton swabs or a lint-free cloth.

Turn off the power of the pictorial machine.

Wipe the cloth or cotton cloth with alcohol.

Gently scrub the chips on the back of the nozzle to remove dirt or ink.

Repeat this process for each printhead to ensure that each printhead is scrubbed with a clean piece of cloth or a clean cotton swab. Take the spray head out of the small frame and gently scrub the contact strip on the small frame with a clean wet cotton swab or wet cotton cloth. After cleaning, install the sprinklers to make sure they are properly installed. Photo machine cartridge leakage -

After the ink is drawn, do not unplug the syringe immediately. Wait until the pressure is equalized after 20 seconds before removing the syringe to prevent air from entering.