Spray head maintenance

1. Unscrew the sub ink bottle from the nozzle to the quick connector of the ink supply tube of the nozzle, and the ink in the ink tube and the nozzle has basically flowed out. Use a syringe to inject approximately 30mL of cleaning fluid into the nozzle (be careful not to apply more than 50kpa pressure) to clean the nozzle. When the cleaning liquid ejected from the spray hole has no obvious ink color, the cleaning is stopped.

2. Fill the nozzle with cleaning liquid and then seal the ink tube with bulkhead. Seal the surface of the nozzle with (PE material) plastic wrap and leave it for 8 hours.

3. After removing the plastic wrap, unscrew the bulkhead and wait until the inside of the nozzle is clean. After the above cleaning operation, the state of the nozzle can be generally improved.

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