Printer Precautions

1. In case the printer generates heat, smoke, smell, abnormal sound, etc., please immediately cut off the power and contact information personnel.

2. Do not place other items on the printer. When the printer is not used for a long time, unplug the power plug from the power outlet.

3. In case of thunder in the vicinity, unplug the power plug from the outlet. If inserted, it is possible that the machine is damaged.

4. When printing paper and ribbon cassette is not set, printing is prohibited. The print head and the print roller are damaged.

5. The print head is at high temperature. Contact is prohibited until the temperature drops. Prevent burns and injuries.

6. Do not touch the print cable connector and the metal part of the printhead. Do not touch the print head while the print head is working.

7. When the print head is working, it is prohibited to turn off the power.

8. Please do not disassemble, move or drag it. If there is any problem, please contact the information personnel.

9. Do not allow foreign objects (staples, metal sheets, liquids, etc.) to enter the unit. Doing so may cause electric shock or mechanical failure.

10. Be sure to turn on the printer when the printer is normal and the data cable and computer are connected.

11. Do not move, drag, or turn off the printer while the printer is printing.