Printer cleaning tips

1. First of all, whenever you clean the printer, make sure the printer is powered off. Otherwise, you may encounter accidents when cleaning the printer.

2. To deal with residual ink spots and stains on the printer. First, clean the feed shaft with a piece of cotton cloth or a little amount of alcohol or water to ensure that the liquid is not absorbed by the cotton cloth or the feed shaft, otherwise the printer will be corroded or damaged.

3, just in case, if you use alcohol, water and cotton is not convenient, there is a little trick that you can sprinkle a little liquid on the paper, then put the paper into the printer and press the feed button, Repeatedly so many times, to achieve the role of cleaning the feed axis.

4, remember, do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside the printer, this will completely destroy the printer, the best way is to use the printer's own automatic cleaning function, start the function, will clean the printer inside.

5, with a soft cotton cloth to clean the printer cartridge, rub a small amount of alcohol gently wipe the roller, too hard scrub but will not achieve the role of cleaning.