Internal cleaning of the printer

Toner protection device

The printer's ink cartridges will have some pads, and their role is to absorb excess toner in the roller system that transports the paper. The user can take it out of the machine and clean it by hand. A new pad will also be included in the new cartridge.

Feed roller

They are the printer's transport section, which pulls the paper from the slot to the inside of the printer. However, in the process, the oil and dust that are stained on the paper also deposit on the rollers. No cleaning for a long time can cause jams and feeds. Errors, this is also the printer's most prone to failure. Here, we can wash these deposits with cotton swabs or a damp cloth. In addition, there are special roller cleaners in some professional equipment stores for office equipment.

Crowned wire

The deposition of dust can affect the efficiency of the use of static electricity (particularly for some older laser printers).


Similar to the inside of a computer, many laser printers also have internal fans inside, and year-round work is blocked by dust and dirt. We must ensure that the blades of the vents and fans are regularly cleaned to maintain the air flow inside the printer.